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INSPIRE School Programs is committed to offering quality Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs to empower middle and high school students to reach their potential and achieve academic success. INSPIRE mentoring programs encourages self-esteem, healthy relationships, respect, positive choices, mental wellness, resilience, mindfulness and leadership.


Anthony Guadalupe is the Northeast Florida Director of INSPIRE School Programs. Anthony holds his Ministerial Credentials with the Assemblies of God. He is happily married to his wife, Jessica for 18 years and they have a wonderful son.


A native from Brooklyn,  New York, Anthony is no stranger to being raised with the struggles of a single parent, low-self esteem, identity issues and peer pressures. However, with his faith, perseverance & determination, Anthony chose to not be a part of the status quo and fought to not succumb to the pressures of life but turned his life around to become the agent of change that he is. Things turned around for him later in his teen years.  He developed a passion for empowering youth at the age of 19. Since Anthony didn’t personally have a mentor or a present dad in his upbringing, he wanted to change that for future generations. Along with his wife, they founded an organization in Brooklyn, N.Y., that was tailored in inspiring and igniting youth to fight for their purpose, through events called "Fight or Die".  His time in New York City, through the organization touched and impacted more than 6000 young people. 

 Anthony believes the next level in being a mentor and helping (High School) students is through classroom mentoring programs. In adopting the program from the National Director of INSPIRE school programs, Tara Bollinger, she has trained Anthony in the art of winning students for a greater tomorrow. Since the program has begun, he has noticed it has helped students with issues like overcoming bullying and low-self esteem. In addition, students have achieved academic success, managed certain feelings and are making positive choices!

Anthony Guadalupe





Director of NEF - Anthony Guadalupe


Assistant Director of NEF - Margie Santiago  |  Tel: 904-878-8232

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